When exceptional becomes normal

This is our second summer with Qubie. It’ll be two years in August since we made the trek to Memphis to begin this odyssey. In some ways she still feels new, but in others it feels like we’ve always had her.

Cat and I have been out at one of our favorite sites at Jordan Lake for the whole week, by ourselves, while Julia was on a trip with a friend. I didn’t take the week off due to another trip scheduled for next week but rather worked from the RV. I’d done this briefly before but not for an extended period of time and it went perfectly! I’m changing my internet option after some rethinking (from Verizon to Millenicom) but I really had no issues and can see how it can work well in the future.

My workstation in the woods

While we were enjoying a nice evening I turned to Cat.

“I’m getting used to this. Not like it’s lost the magic, but it’s like Qubie isn’t this weird, exceptional thing. She’s ours and this is our space and it’s just an extension of our normal,” I said.

And it’s true. I’m used to this, in every sense. I’m used to going to check on her in storage just to verify everything’s okay. Hooking up Subie to tow, setting up Qubie at campsites, getting torn down to go, all of that just happens naturally. It’s not stressful these days, whereas in the past there was maybe a bit of uncertainty or hoping we were doing things correctly. Even driving her is something I look forward to. It’s just fun (though Cat disagrees and has bowed out of future driving in perpetuity :D).

Last night Cat agreed with me. “I’m getting used to this too. She’s just familiar and ours. It’s not like I’m tired of it, it’s just that she’s comfortable.”

That’s the root. Walking around inside, sleeping, cooking, the bathroom, everything. It’s our new normal or an extension of it. We’re still appreciative, still look around and marvel at the luxury, but it now really feels like ours. And that’s kind of neat.


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