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Closing out 2021

What a fascinating year. We started our Qubie adventures before we even dewinterized her by replacing the seat upholstery on the captains chairs. We got out to Jordan Lake in March, kickstarting a renewed enjoyment. Our summer plans for a GRAND TRIP to the… Continue Reading “Closing out 2021”

S1E3: College Move-in and Empty Nesting

We knew the day was coming sometime, but did it have to come so fast? I still recall the drive home from the hospital with a brand new baby girl. We carefully lowered her in her car seat in the middle of the living… Continue Reading “S1E3: College Move-in and Empty Nesting”

S1E2: Liquid Springs 4-Corner Install

Honestly, I’ve been waiting to make this video for 2 years. Before I even thought of vlogging I’ve considered this upgrade and imagined filming our experience. So, imagine my excitement that it’s finally here! This is a long one, I’ll apologize for that up… Continue Reading “S1E2: Liquid Springs 4-Corner Install”

A lovely stay and a big week coming

Every year it’s been our tradition to stay a full week out at our favorite local lake, Jordan Lake, once school gets out. This year hit a little differently — Cat is no longer teaching and Julia is an 18-year-old high school graduate starting… Continue Reading “A lovely stay and a big week coming”

S1E1: “But you HATE camping!”

Our path to RVing was detailed in a very early post on this site, but before we got too far along in the vlogging path we thought it would be worth retelling the tale. It’s a bit roundabout, but (spoiler alert!) we’re very glad… Continue Reading “S1E1: “But you HATE camping!””