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S1E2: Liquid Springs 4-Corner Install

Honestly, I’ve been waiting to make this video for 2 years. Before I even thought of vlogging I’ve considered this upgrade and imagined filming our experience. So, imagine my excitement that it’s finally here! This is a long one, I’ll apologize for that up… Continue Reading “S1E2: Liquid Springs 4-Corner Install”

Off-season disappointments and adjustments

It’s been a short off-season — our first dewinterizing trip is less than a month away! — and I’m really looking forward to taking her out again. I’m hoping we get to use most of our scheduled trips this year, but I’m a bit… Continue Reading “Off-season disappointments and adjustments”

Previewing Qubie’s future?

Today I got the pleasure of (again) meeting Bill Goldman, a fellow Tiffin owner and outdoor recreation enthusiast, long-suffering maintainer of the Tiffin Open RoadersĀ  Group on Facebook, and incredibly kind and overall awesome guy for a very special “trip”. We’d crossed paths before… Continue Reading “Previewing Qubie’s future?”

I loathe electrical gremlins

I bought a spare. After returning home from Asheville Monday I had a really weird experience plugging back in to shore power at our storage facility. It started when we noticed that the generator had shut off sometime during the trip but only noticed… Continue Reading “I loathe electrical gremlins”

The Great Ride Comfort Chase

Those who haven’t shopped for or owned a class A RV might be completely unaware of the unspoken divide that some say exists. There are diesel RVs and there are gas RVs. Gassers often feel as though their diesel brethren look down on them… Continue Reading “The Great Ride Comfort Chase”