S1E2: Liquid Springs 4-Corner Install

Honestly, I’ve been waiting to make this video for 2 years. Before I even thought of vlogging I’ve considered this upgrade and imagined filming our experience. So, imagine my excitement that it’s finally here!

This is a long one, I’ll apologize for that up front. I assume many will be like “boy, this guy sure loves to hear himself talk,” which is pretty funny to me. I am not a huge talker typically but I had a whole lot to say this time 🤣.

Come join us on a 1,500 mile round trip to northern Indiana and beyond and by the end you might know a bit more about RV suspensions then you ever wished to. Come for the impressions, stay for the bloopers!

6 Comments on “S1E2: Liquid Springs 4-Corner Install

  1. Great video, we have the rear and are definitely thinking of adding the front suspension too.

    • I’m thinking of adding just the rears to keep our cost down? The dealer said it would make a 100% difference and 65% betting handling. My problems is I have to put a large ramp down every time I go in & out off my driveway so I don’t scrap or high center.$10 to 12k vs $20k for 4. Your thoughts? Tks Roy

      • As I mentioned in the video, I feel like the rear part offers the majority of the improvement felt. 65% feels as good an estimate as any, but that’s just spitballing. The cost is certainly better. I hope to have a better idea of the delta between 4-corner and rear-only sometime in the future (when I give my friend Bill a ride who has a whole lot more experience with the rear-only system).

  2. Brian, I have to say you said everything that Kevin and I were saying on our drive back to Florida. We definitely feel that we spent our money well.

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