A lovely stay and a big week coming

Every year it’s been our tradition to stay a full week out at our favorite local lake, Jordan Lake, once school gets out. This year hit a little differently — Cat is no longer teaching and Julia is an 18-year-old high school graduate starting a full-time internship this week — but we had the absolute best weather we’ve ever had at the lake for this trip. Like astonishingly good.

Unfortunately we couldn’t enjoy much of it. Cat got her first doozy of a cold in 18 months that’s knocked her out of a lot of things. She’s sat outside for some of the time just because it’s so lovely, but she doesn’t have the energy to really enjoy it. That’s so sad to me because she really appreciates and enjoys those aspects usually.

The kitties exploring

In our continuing efforts to desensitize the kitties to RV life we brought them out to Qubie after we were set up again. They’re definitely improving, both of them eating and exploring a bit more. I won’t say they’re totally comfortable — Twinkle tends to growl and hightail it to her hiding place anytime she hears noise outside, and Skittle requires some “hide under blanket” time each day — but they are definitely nowhere near as nervous anymore. That is so much of a relief for our future plans.

A big week!

We leave shortly on a very adventurous week. We’re dropping Qubie off somewhere to have some long-awaited upgrades installed (yes, these will be very much covered in an upcoming video!) and spending the rest of the week in Chicago just the two of us. Hopefully Cat will have improved enough to enjoy it more than this week and hopefully I also can keep avoiding the cold… driving for that long sick doesn’t sound fun.

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