A different phase

We took Qubie out to our favorite local lake this weekend as we’ve often done since we’ve had her. These trips have gotten more rare recently, and I’ve had to reschedule many of them. Why? Having an active teenage daughter makes for busy schedules!

She actually isn’t out here with us this time as she had plans, so it’s a bit of a parent’s getaway for us. I imagine it will be like that more and more as time goes on which is quite bittersweet. Sure, when we first imagined RV life it was more of a couple thing but we moved that timetable up and it’s been an awesome family thing. Now, that’s what we’re used to so that makes this transition a little sadder.

That’s not too say we don’t enjoy Qubie when it’s just the two of us. We got to enjoy the lake, have a nice dinner, plenty of good couple time. And I imagine we’ll get used to our “new normal” over time. I guess mostly we can’t believe we’re pretty much already at that place in our lives.

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