Just a quick appreciation post

Long time readers might recall that one of the primary reasons for us getting Qubie was attending obstacle course races. Well, this weekend I got to use her for just that purpose with a quick trip up to West Virginia for the Spartan Super at Summit Bechtel Reserve.

Unfortunately this was a solo trip due to scheduling since school started Monday for both my girls, one attending and one teaching. My race was Sunday this time so with the turn around it would have made it unpleasant to complete the race, break camp and get home in a reasonable time. So it was just me this time without my usual cheering section.

I’m once again mostly posting in appreciation of Qubie. Sure, it was a quick, fairly easy trip… about 4 hours of travel each way with my choice of two Flying J stations to gas up (I don’t like being under half a tank). But even so, just an easy, problem-free trip where everything just did what it was supposed to.

I drove up Saturday with a delightful lunch stop at the Virginia welcome center. That’s always a treat… put my food in the convection oven for 15 minutes, read a bit, stretch my legs, hit the restroom, have lunch, check Subie the toad, and get back on the road. I reached my weekend home at Little Beaver State Park at around 5, got checked in and into my site where I had to spend a bit more time than usual getting Qubie up on all my leveling blocks due to a bit of slope. Eventually both me and the leveling system were mostly satisfied — she wasn’t perfectly level but I was a little too near being off the ground in the rear for my comfort so I dropped the rear a touch — so I flung out the slides and completed my setup. It always makes my happy when the slides do what they’re supposed to after that one trip.

Spent a quiet night Saturday prepping my race gear, set my alarm for Sunday and hit the sack. Sunday arrived and I had a good if challenging race in the morning, returning to Qubie at about 1pm. Qubie provided a wonderfully comfortable base to recuperate that afternoon, with a nice hot shower and inviting bed to nap in for a bit.

Monday just involved a relaxed, unhurried return trip home. Got Qubie safely ensconced in her storage by about 3 and called it a successful trip.

Thanks again, Qubie, for being our reliable, comfortable, wonderful rolling home and base camp. I really look forward to taking more opportunities like this in the future.

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