Dewinterizing in May?!

I’ll be honest, Cat and I have been chomping at the bit to get Qubie back out but circumstances have not cooperated with us. We had trips scheduled in March and April that we had to move due to conflicts, then one last weekend that the park cancelled due to a sewage problem. Now it’s May and Qubie hasn’t moved since December!

Finally, this weekend arrived with no conflicts (aside from some forecasted bad weather), so we weren’t missing out from any more trips! I snagged Qubie from the storage place, firing up the generator for some exercise, and drove her to the house where I sanitized the fresh water tank and set about clearing the “pink stuff” from the water lines. That went super smoothly — I’ll be using that winterizing method from now on! — and once I got the water filter and my stuff loaded up it was time to head to Jordan Lake, our old standby.

We booked a site we’ve never been in so that adds a bit of uncertainty, but I backed her in easily, got up on some leveling pads due to a bit of slope, got her leveled, slides out, everything set up with zero issues in no time flat.

I was telling Cat that, knock on wood, I’m really very happy with Qubie’s reliability, and that I think I’ve definitely reached a place that she’s our long term RV. I will almost certainly look into Liquid Springs once they get really good at the front and back mods as I think that will take the handling and ride comfort to where we’d find it acceptable for cross-country trips, but aside from that she’s a delight. Sure, something could go wrong later today, but that’s life. Overall, to call her anything less than reliable would be dishonest.

It doesn’t hurt that we just love the interior even more than newer models out even more expensive coaches.

Now, bring on the rain later to rinse off some of this spring pollen!

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