Bidding farewell to Navarre

You never realize a place will become a favorite until it happens. It’s happened for us at Santa Rosa RV Resort. We’ve had a simply perfect spring break visit here. At least part of it was the luck in weather, but much of it is the resort. Small enough to be quaint, excellent amenities cared for by a dedicated, diligent staff, and a lovely design with attractive sites.

We’d already have booked for next year if the girls weren’t going on a special Girl Scouts trip over spring break. I think it will be on a short list of destinations for our traveling future.

Tomorrow we turn Qubie north on our way home. We’re stopping over at NIRVC who graciously offered us a stopover on the way home. Might take another few peeks at other RVs while we’re there. Though I will say that after even more reflection we might be leaning a slightly different direction for any eventual upgrade. A direction we’re a bit more familiar with shall we say.

(Shh… It’s a Tiffin. The Phaeton 40IH is very appealing… and much less of a hit on the checkbook than the Entegra. Some things would be sacrificed, but it might be a reasonable choice for the future. That’s a ways off though! Who knows what any of the manufacturers will be producing in that timeframe.)

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