A blissful route end in Navarre

Oh my, what a destination. But I’m getting ahead of myself.

We got going at 7 this morning in Atlanta to make the final push to Florida. After a quick breakfast in Qubie we pulled up stakes and braved the Atlanta traffic — not so bad this time — en route through Montgomery Alabama to hit I65 south to Florida. Quick annoyance: I loathe Garmin’s trip planner. I guess I still don’t know how to use it, but as we’re coming out of our park it starts guiding me to get on I95 north. Yep, it wanted me to start my day from our house in North Carolina, not from where we were. Cat did the routing redo while I contemplated just tossing it out the window.

Aside from that hitch this was a pleasant, painless day of travel. Kudos to Alabama, man, their interstates were very smooth and comfortable with very few rough patches. We stopped off at a Flying J just south of Montgomery for fuel and lunch (our traditional road lunch, sitting together at the dinette in Qubie) and then finished up the second half with ease. We got to our park right around 1:45 local (we lost an hour to the time change).

My my. I can’t think of a single complaint about our RV park, Santa Rosa RV Resort. We have a waterfront spot on the bay, we’ve got a heated pool within 50 feet of us, the boardwalk is feet away. I seriously wouldn’t change one thing at this point. The park itself is clean and really attractive with decorative plants and palm trees interspersed. Adequate space between sites is always appreciated, and they even provide two hose bibs which is a small thing but exceedingly thoughtful.

We caught a lovely sunset which is the featured image above. I’m hoping to get a drone selfie and maybe some footage of the girls paddleboarding later today. The weather looks to be mostly amazing the whole week, and being on the bay the water was dead calm last night and Cat had a blast taking the paddleboard out.PANO_20180330_191140

Yes, this will definitely work. Talk to you later this week.

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