And now we wait for spring

What do you do while your RV is winterized in storage? Why, you wait impatiently for spring! I’m not very good at that. I can’t wait to get back out there with Qubie and see some stuff.

We’ve already got a slew of trips scheduled, mostly to our local standby at Jordan Lake. But we do have one special one coming up in less than two months: we’re heading to Disney World for spring break! We’re staying at Fort Wilderness, Disney’s RV (and other) campground in Qubie! I’m ecstatic and think it’ll be a great trip.

The drive will be a bit of a challenge as we’re pushing all the way through in one day. At least, that’s the current plan. As it gets closer we might decide to get on the road an evening early and put a few hours in the bank getting a bit closer because it’s quite a haul.

Winter improvements

I’m not going to rest idle the whole winter. One major improvement I plan to add is a rear track bar to reduce tail wag and push to make handling a bit more predictable. That large rear overhang causes some sway, especially when big rigs go past or wind hits just right. It’s not uncontrollable, but with the addition of a rear track bar the effect is mitigated.

I’m trying to get the handling as tight as possible so that Cat will give it a try, at least on the interstates. That would extend our range considerably since I can only go so far before getting worn out. A little break here and there would be invaluable.

I had purchased some warming filter material to put over some of the lighting in Qubie to make it less of that blueish, harsh LED spectrum… but ended up getting a bit too orange. I’ve since acquired some different material that’s half as “strong” and plan to install that this weekend when I exercise the generator.

My cover is supposed to go into production probably next week. A bit later than I’d like, but that’s life. Any protection I can provide for Qubie’s exterior I hope will pay off in the long run.

Hurry up, spring!

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