I’ve found the first mild inconvenience

A few weeks ago Qubie threw a check engine light. Joy. I scanned it and it seems that one of the oxygen sensors in the exhaust is faulty. I could probably buy a replacement and change it myself… I had my hand on it checking the wiring. But it’s at least $130 for the part and, if it doesn’t correct the issue I’ll then have to go get it looked at anyway. So I started hunting for a dealer.

Long story short: I called every Ford dealer in range and none of them would work on Qubie. I got on the horn with Ford who called me back and said I could take it to Fayetteville Ford, just under two hours from home. That’s non-ideal. Didn’t imagine it would be that tricky, but I guess I thought wrong.

So, I’m currently sitting in a rather nice customer lounge at said Ford dealership roughly 70 miles from home. (An aside: TV channel selections in Ford customer lounges leave much to be desired, and Wendy appears to be the worst thing that has ever been broadcast on the airwaves.) In even better news, they expected me to leave it and I didn’t tow Subie. Keeping my fingers crossed that they can acquire an oxygen sensor locally today and I don’t have to do something really goofy like have Cat pick me up or take Qubie to a campground overnight.

… time passes …

I’m now back at work after getting a rental. Yes, it was the oxygen sensor. Yes, they will have to order it. No, it will not be here today. Non-ideal, but everyone I dealt with was pretty excellent. Lesson learned: tow Subie behind me if possible.

3 Comments on “I’ve found the first mild inconvenience

  1. sorry to hear your situation, hopefully tomorrow you with have the coach back home and all repaired

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