It’s been way too long since we’ve gotten to take Qubie out. I’ve cancelled several trips out to Jordan Lake because of a combination of one or more of the following:

  • Rain. We got rained out twice. I imagine we could have gone, but it wouldn’t have been as fun. The last time was particularly galling, since we had beautiful weather leading up to the weekend then rain all weekend long. Come on!
  • Julia got sick. She’s been fighting something for quite a while, had fevers up to 103, coughing, feeling poopy. The doctor jammed her with antibiotics and she improved almost immediately. Now she’s back to herself and ready to go.
  • One of our cats got sick. Twinkle developed some kind of illness and stopped eating. Now I’ve been hand feeding her through a feeding tube 3 or 4 times a day for about two weeks and she’s improving and has even started taking a few nibbles of her food on her own.

So, complications.

Tonight, we go to Jordan Lake, damn it! The weather tried its best to stymie us. Sunday night it’s supposed to get down to 36°. It won’t be swimming weather, but it’ll be a nice time for grilling and a fire.

This will be our first attempt with at least one of the cats, since otherwise I’d have to go back home to feed Twinkle. I’ve cat-proofed the worst case place for them to get into trouble, so we should be ready. I’m a bit nervous how she’ll deal with the travel. I figure once we arrive things should be fine, but hope that the trip doesn’t make her nauseous. We’re leaving our other cat home this time since they’re not getting along great right now — Skittle hisses at Twinkle because she smells different than she used to — and we also have Cat’s dad in town so I think two cats will add a bit too much complication to the scenario.

Wish us luck!

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