Less than a week to go

It feels like I’m personally keeping Amazon in business, with deliveries coming in almost every day. Often more than one. Our administrative assistant at work is tired of me. Little things, mostly, but often weird. Sewer hoses, fresh water hoses, locking hitch pins, black tank sanitizers. All those things that you need to make an RV liveable. Why?

Because we pick up our RV next Tuesday!

Even Julia is getting excited at this point. It’s all been distant and abstract, but as the days keep ticking down it’s edging ever closer and becoming more real.

I’ve been doing the last things to the Subi — still have one to go this weekend — and checking off the items in the spreadsheet to acquire. Cat’s been picking up some “living” things, like linens and plates and such. Today I rented us a temporary parking spot at a storage place for when we return. It’ll work until the covered storage we will rent is finished being built.

Come Monday morning, we’ll be powering through to Memphis, spend the night, then go get Qubi in the morning from the dealership. It’s finally (almost) here!

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