What could have been

Got a call today from my dealer in Memphis. My original RV was delivered yesterday and is ready to go. Were we still buying it, it would be available right now. That’s kind of exciting. I’m hoping he sends pictures so I can see the bullet we dodged. Yes, the subtext is he kind of forgot that we ordered the new one. That strikes me a little funny, but they sell a ton of RVs and ours is relatively inexpensive so it slipping his mind isn’t unforgiveable.

The more interesting thing for us is how the timing works out. That RV was scheduled to be shipped to our dealer on July 13th. It actually arrived June 26th. That’s over 2 weeks early. It basically hit its final inspection date at Tiffin and went out the door the next day. Our final inspection on our RV is scheduled for July 25th, so if all goes similarly well we could have it before the end of July.

Our first camping outting is Jordan Lake on August 14th and our first big trip is Charlottesville for the Virginia Spartan Super followed the next weekend by Labor Day in Cape Hatteras. It’s happening!

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