The front end is getting busier

This weekend was about finishing the auxiliary lighting so that when the RV brakes or uses turn signals the car shows the same thing. There are two ways of doing this: tying into the cars lighting system or adding additional bulbs to the housing. Given my application and research, I went with the additional bulbs. Got those bulbs in the light housings last weekend but ran out of time running the cable.

Got to spend quality time under the car running a cable along the frame from the nose to the trunk. It’s fun to see how creative you have to be to route that thing appropriately. Some contortions and zip ties later and it’s time to splice the wires at the bulbs appropriately. I got to hear Cat say another “oh my God” when she saw me in a bare trunk after removing all the interior body panels. There were two wires that crossed between the lights from the passenger side to the driver’s side where the wiring loom met up, so those had to be run through the grommets to the outside. Fun!

I didn’t take any during pictures, but you can imagine the front end came off again to get the plug installed on the front of the car. My only beef is the silver hardware. I might paint those.

I’d love to say I’m done but that would be a lie. Still have to get the auxiliary braking and emergency breaking wired up to the brake pedal and also to the front somewhere. Going to get even more crowded!

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