Dodging bullets like Neo

I might have mentioned that when we placed our order for our RV it was too late to order a 2015 and the 2016 models didn’t exist yet. They were changing all of the interiors and didn’t have any samples or prototypes available. We had names: Vanilla Bean, Irongate, and Cocoa. We figured Vanilla Bean as that was (supposedly) closest to the one we liked from the 2015 model.

So, we get closer to the order time and finally our dealer gets a picture of the bed linens of each of the interior choices. The Irongate is the one above. To us, it was the least offensive. Not that the others were terrible but there were elements we liked less. So we breathed a sigh of relief and went forward with Irongate.

It should be noted that everything else in that image is of the Vanilla Bean interior. I knew this, but downplayed it. “Surely they won’t go too far afield with their selections for the other interiors.” Hah.

Our RV goes into production on Monday. Last night, someone in one of the RV forums I’ve been reading obsessively posted a link to the first 2016 Allegro Open Road to hit a dealership, a 32SA model. In Irongate! It’s not our exact floorplan, but the interior should give us an idea of what ours will look like. Let’s see it!

Oh my dear god, what have they done?
Oh my dear god, what have they done?

The valances, pulled directly from a vampire movie set. The counters. Who puts grey, wavy, faux marble in with tan? What the sweet crap is this? We hate it.

I was admittedly pretty sick about it. Here’s the thing: our RV starts getting put together Monday. That doesn’t mean they start work on it then. They have an entire production line getting the components ready in the weeks leading up to it. Everything they’re going to put in it already exists.

I’m so screwed. I’m going to get the joy of paying for something I hate until I retire.

Cat talked me down. I haven’t bought the damned thing yet. They can’t force me to buy it. If push really comes to shove, maybe I lose my deposit because I cancel the whole thing.

I wrote my dealer an email last night saying “we hate the interior, we have to switch to Vanilla Bean.” He wrote back fairly quickly saying he was off the following day but to call his contact at Tiffin who should be able to help.

Long story slightly shorter: it’s too late for the unit going into production on Monday. However, they’ll send that one through as-is and start a new one in the production line with the interior we want. It’ll pop out the end later, obviously, but that might end up being a blessing in disguise: we weren’t able to work out the schedule to go see it built next week, but we might be able to manage it later in June.

Phew. Bullets whizzing past. Got really lucky that we caught it now. Had I not found it now I would have walked in during the final inspection. Ungh.

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