Step 3: hitch installed

What good is going to explore places without bringing your bikes?

I’m sure I looked pretty silly trying to get this thing in position under the car. Ending up with it on my chest in bench press position, holding it up with knees, shoulders, elbows, and even my forehead at one point I think so I could get just one nut in place without shoving the bolt back through the frame. Good times. This is what comes of having a minimum of required things.

I love this hitch. Compared with the one I installed on the Wild Child, this one feels like I could pull the RV behind us. 600 pound tongue weight, 4,000 pull weight… this thing isĀ beefy. I only screwed up about 3 times — wrong shaft for the hole saw so had to put everything back together to do a return, tried to back out of the garage with the hatch open scratching my precious, and rehung the muffler covering the bolts before torquing the bolts to appropriate torque — so I’m under par.

Next weekend should be even more fun: I get to take off much of the front end to install a base plate to tow the Subi behind the RV. Gut check!

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